Paprika from Spain (by UPP)

Branded with Protected Designation of Origin

We manufacture Paprika format cans, bags and sacks in their sweet, sour and spicy varieties.

Tins of: 75 gr, 175 grs., 370 grs., 750 grs.
Sacs of: 5 kg., 15 kg., 25 kg.
Bags of: 250 g., 500 g., 1 Kg.

With all its purity and flavor. Ideal to have it always ready in the kitchen

Several bags weighing. For the butcher and charcuterie industry. Pure red dust in kilos.

Perfect for professional chefs and restaurants, bars and hotel establishments format.

Paprika Factory La Vera with Protected Designation of Origin


Our product exceeds daily the most rigorous quality controls so that your food is seasoned with all the power of good taste Smoked Paprika (known outside our country and Smoked Paprika). Quality, craftsmanship and tradition join forces in our industry for the highest quality in a product as precious as Vera Paprika in different varieties: Sweet, Bittersweet and Spicy.


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